wine in moderation


La familia

Our winery combines family tradition with a passion for wine. Since 1957 three generations have strengthened the family legacy and have dedicated their professionalism and unique character in developing the wines.

Pablo Javier Perez de Ciriza, head of the family, is the connecting link between the original values of the Bodega and the new up-coming generations. Together with his brother Juan Fernando they set the basic pillars for the construction of what today is Bodegas Artajona.

Fernando Perez de Ciriza: currently manager of the Bodega, has taken over the management and initiated the process to internationalise the winery.

At the present time, two other members of the family add youth and illusion to the family project:
Berta as Head of Exports, takes on the commercial and marketing functions of the Bodega, underpinning the project to develop and expand the sales of the wines internationally. And Pablo, as technical director of the Bodega together with the oenologist are responsible for elaborating and caring for our wines.